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Friday, May 23, 2008

Quentin Groves: High expectations for immediate success Jaguars Youth Movement: "It would be nice if expectations were tempered for Harvey and Groves, but that isn’t the case. These two players were selected with a specific purpose in mind, to take the Jaguars defense over the top and supply a pass rush, something they couldn’t do consistently a year ago.

“We impressed upon them the importance of doing the right things on the field and in the community,” said Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio. “We have a really good football team, the community is excited, and we want them to do their part.”

Fortunately for the two Jaguars top draft picks, defensive end is a much better position to learn and contribute right away that a position such as quarterback or the secondary. Jack Del Rio expects them to settle in right away--

“It will be at little easier for Harvey and Groves to line up at defensive end and give us a presence off the edge as opposed to trying to play quarterback.”

Whereas the Jaguars rookies are just getting acquainted to everything right now in their first days of OTA’s, they will get caught up to speed quickly. “I’m going to put in my work like everyone else is putting in their work,” said Jaguars rookie defensive end Quentin Groves. “It feels like my freshman year (at Auburn) all over again, I have to feel around, I have to learn where to go, where we’re supposed to be, how we’re supposed to practice.”

The pressure is already on the rookies. The Jaguars are close to being a legitimate contender, and the team was able to improve the secondary in free agency by signing Drayton Florence. The final piece of the puzzle would seem to be defensive end, and the Jaguars rookies have to potential"

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