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Monday, May 12, 2008

Dontarrious Thomas, Takeo Spikes: 49ers Update

Strong inside linebacker (ted): Jeff Ulbrich, Dontarrious Thomas and rookie Larry Grant worked at this position during minicamp. But Nolan admits, "I don't know that we have a true 'ted.'" I asked about Brandon Moore, who took Ulbrich's starting job in 2006 and played well. Last year, Moore rarely played. I asked Nolan why Moore isn't at the ted, and he advised that not much should be read into the depth chart at this point. Moore is currently behind Patrick Willis at the "mike" position. I asked about Moore's inability to hold onto the starting job last season, why he didn't replace Derek Smith. Nolan said, "It was closer than I thought after looking back over the season. Derek was out there, and he was just so-so." The 49ers have not completely ruled out the possibility of pursuing veteran free agent Takeo Spikes

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