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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Heath Evans: Opinion on Pats' Spygate controversy

Backup QB Might Be In Final Year With Pats -- -- "It's Behind Them
The players did not have much reaction to the way Spygate played out.

'I think it's all old news, to be honest with you,' left tackle Matt Light said. 'I'm not sure anybody's paying attention to that at this point, especially at the player level.'

Count fullback Heath Evans among those not interested. He said he didn't follow the developments in the videotape controversy.

'This is going to sound crazy but we don't have cable in our home during the offseason,' Evans said. 'So I focus on my wife and my family and my daughters. I don't get the newspaper, either.'

The affable Evans was asked how he gets his news.

'I don't need it. Most of it is trash,' Evans said. 'No offense to you all.'

But he wasn't sure whether Spygate would ever go away.

'It's up to you guys, probably,' Evans said, laughing. 'It didn't have an effect on us last year. It won't have an effect on us this year.' ..."

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