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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brandon Jacobs: Visiting with the troops

Super Bowl running back drops in on Soldiers - Redstone Rocket - "As the commotion wound down, a look of humbleness ran across Jacobs' face as he said his goodbyes to the Soldiers.

'I might not know what each Soldier's job is, but what I do know is their job supports our country and I can't thank them enough for that,' Jacobs said. 'I hope these Soldiers know that they are special people and we care very much for them, but in honesty, I'm the one who is taking something away from this experience. These (Soldiers) are out here giving their all for their country and that's really motivating to me, it's moving.'

Soldiers exited the dining facility, showing off their autographed items to each other and joking about whose NFL team could possibly try to stop Jacobs and New York's running game. At that moment, it really didn't matter.

'I hope he knows this means a lot to us and we really appreciate his support and his time,' O'Connell said. 'This doesn't happen often, so when it does, it's a big deal.'"

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