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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anthony Mix: Coach wants him to lose 15lbs

Hog Heaven | MVN - Most Valuable Network » Blog Archive » Vinny Cerrato to Anthony Mix: lose 15 pounds: "Redskins chief honcho Vinny Cerrato said that wide receiver Anthony Mix needs to lose about 15 pounds to boost his speed. Cerrato made the statement on Redskins Radio broadcast on Comcast Sports Network yesterday.
Mix is listed on the Redskins roster at 6-5, 235 pounds, but Cerrato said Mix reported to mini-camp at 245 pounds.
The Redskins said they had to get taller at wide receiver to implement Jim Zorn’s West Coast offense. They did that quick with Mix and draftees Devin Thomas, 6-1, and Malcolm Kelly, 6-3.
Isn’t it interesting that, while the Skins want taller receivers, Zorn wants QB Jason Campbell, 6-5, to play smaller in the pocket?"

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