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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brandon Jacobs: War Eagle to War Hero Lt. Col. Greg Gadson, Team Inspiration

HAIL TO THE GIANTS - "Lt. Col. Greg Gadson, the Giants' inspiration last season for his courage after losing both of his legs to a roadside bomb in Iraq, stood with the team on his new prosthetic limbs.
'I'm proud to be on the stage with this man,' President Bush said to the team. 'To me it's a symbol of your respect for our country and your patriotism that you would let Greg Gadson be a part of this team.
'He's got the Purple Heart, three Bronze Stars and now he's got a Super Bowl ring minted for a true giant.'
Earlier in the day, the team showed its patriotism by visiting Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where Gadson was a patient and where he now does his rehab.
'What really put things in perspective was going over to Walter Reed,' Coughlin said. '(The patients) wanted to thank us for being there. We just stopped in our tracks and said, 'We want to thank you. That's what we're doing here. You inspire us.''
Of the visit, Gadson said, 'That's a moment I'll always remember because they feel like my teammates and my teammates were there at Walter Reed. I feel like I had a little to do with that.'"

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