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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Greg Carr: Greatness beyond the NFL

Former Auburn linebacker Gregg Carr took the path less traveled to the Hall of Fame - Tracking the Tigers - "Drafted in the sixth round by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Carr played for four seasons and could have played longer. But new horizons beckoned.
'When I was in training camp the first year, several ex-Steelers would hang out on the sidelines,' Carr says. 'They had chronic shoulder and knee problems. They were always talking about the good, old days. It was fun to listen to, but I didn't see myself in my mid-30s reminiscing about the way things used to be. I wanted something I could take forward.'
As that season wore on, Carr began thinking about being an orthopedist. In each offseason, he returned to school to take pre-med courses. After his fourth season, he was accepted at the UAB medical school. He gave up the glitz ad glamour of life in the NFL.
'What I'm doing now is something I strived for and wanted to do,' Carr says. 'Just like everything else, it was kind of a goal people thought I'd never accomplish. I certainly didn't get a lot of support from my teammates, who thought I'd flipped my lid.'"

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