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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Rudi Johnson, Kenny Irons (RBs), Cincinnati

News - Hardball with Marvin Lewis - Cincinnati Bengals: "He's particularly not pleased with the Bengals' 24th ranked running game. Quarterback Carson Palmer's 575 passes were behind only Drew Brees and Tom Brady, his 20 interceptions were a career high, and his 86.7 passer rating was his lowest since his first season. The Bengals scored the 11th-most points in the league, but hardly any in the clutch because they were only 23rd in red-zone touchdowns.
With running back Kenny Irons struggling to come back from reconstructive knee surgery and unable to be on the field in May and June and running back Chris Perry not knowing yet if he can return to the field, there is a premium on Rudi Johnson rebounding from a subpar season hampered by a lingering hamstring problem.
'We got away from things we need to do offensively, which will enhance Rudi,' Lewis said. 'You play more physically; you put things together and do it. We ran the ball for 17 yards at Buffalo. That doesn't work. We can't run the ball and win the game at San Francisco. Those things are burrs under your saddle.'
Johnson's yards per carry average has dipped to 3.5 since 2006, but that is a stretch when the Bengals have had 12 different starting offensive line combinations because of injuries, including six last year."

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