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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ben Obomanu: Selma's role model for academic & athletic success | 04/14/2008 | U.S. Excerpts: Selma’s benchmark; raid on Texas ranch: "Selma’s benchmark
From The Selma (Ala.) Times-Journal
Every city wants to be known for something. It usually turns out that an event, a cash crop, and industry or a person is the cornerstone upon which an area’s reputation is built.
Selma is the benchmark as far as athletes that are produced in the state. Today, young kids have pro athletes like Ben Obomanu to look up to, not because he is playing in the NFL, but because he excelled as a student on the way there.
Sports are some of, if not the biggest sub-cultures in our society. They unite people who think they have no business being side by side. They allowed Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby to begin the Civil Rights movement before anyone cared who Martin Luther King Jr. was. They were people’s mental escape from a world war and a depression. They still remain as a distraction from 9-to-5 jobs that consume so much of our energy"

Seattle's Seneca Wallace complete's pass to Ben Obomanu

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