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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quentin Groves: One if USA Today's top 6 DEs

DRAFT 2008: Profiles of the top players by position - "NEW YORK — Notable defensive and special teams players in the NFL draft, grouped by projected NFL positions.
Position outlook: One of the NFL positions where raw ability can best be shaped, this spot frequently sees some head-scratching picks on draft day, when players with great measurables or workout performances are taken early. There's some real value here this year.
CHRIS LONG, 6-foot-4, 275 pounds, Virginia: A versatile prospect at the position who could be a three-down player due to his array of pass-rush moves and nose for the football. Strong and athletic enough to fight off blocks, his one weak spot is a lack of edge-rush speed. Still, his quickness and anticipation usually are enough for him to overwhelm all but the most massive OLs.
-Vernon Gholston, 6-4, 258, junior, Ohio State: Has the speed to get upfield and past blockers in a hurry, but is less effective against the run. Raw, with plenty of potential to become a top speed rusher or linebacker.
-Derrick Harvey, 6-5, 252, junior, Florida: Quick to read and react, he could be a linebacker project. Either way, he shows excellent acceleration and speed, as well as football IQ.
-Phillip Merling, 6-5, 272, Clemson: Excellent at back-side pursuit, as well as blowing linemen back. Has the proverbial good motor. Struggles when blockers can get into his pads.
-Calais Campbell, 6-8, 282, Miami: Nimble and quick, especially for his size. Quick to react, especially to screens and flares.
-Quentin Groves, 6-3, 250, Auburn: Explosive quickness that could make him a star, but lack of size means he's a tweener project. Potential is there."

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