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Monday, April 21, 2008

Heath Evans: Solid play may mean no RB

As long as the Patriots continue to put up amazing numbers in the passing game, they may not need much more than that Maroney has given them.

Throw in a healthy Sammy Morris, who had two 100-yard games before going out with a collarbone injury, another strong season by versatile third-down back Kevin Faulk and the continued solid play of fullback Heath Evans, and Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli may come to the conclusion that the backfield is in good hands entering the 73rd annual NFL Draft, which begins Sunday. But the Patriots' coach and his trusted personnel lieutenant have always entered drafts looking to improve their team with an eye on the future. The top running backs in this year's draft may be out of their reach at No. 7 in the first round, or not as important to them as other needs, but there's a lot of depth in this year's running back corps - at least 10 worthy of selection in the first 100 picks and plenty more thereafter

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