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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pat Sims: Drafted by Bengals

The Enquirer - Bengals draft DT Sims in Round 3: "He’s a very, very strong man,” Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said this morning. “He had to grow up and come through some things. We’re happy with that selection.”

In 2007, Sims played seven games with a cast on his left hand after breaking a bone in his middle finger in practice.

“In the Mississippi State game, he made play after play after play with that cast on his hand,” said Bengals defensive line coach Jay Hayes, who came away impressed with Sims’ toughness.

Sims is the youngest of 10 children. In addition to the loss of his half-sister, one of his brothers died, as well.

His father is a retired longshoreman who still holds jobs building houses and as a janitor.

“He’s always working,” Sims said of his father. “He can’t sit still.”

Movement describes Sims’ game, as well.

“I can bring penetration (as a pass rusher),” Sims said. “I can stop the run"

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