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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Draft Class 2008: FYI, Phillip Marshall's, AU Beat Writer, Take on the draft

DE Quentin Groves: Second round. Could go late in the first round, but second round is more likely.

DB Pat Lee: Second round. Made a big impression at the Senior Bowl.

DT Pat Sims: Third round. First-round talent, but scouts wonder about attitude.

OT King Dunlap: Fourth round. Has the perfect body for an NFL offensive lineman.

FB Carl Stewart: Fourth round. He's the kind of guy you want for a teammate.

DB Jonathan Wilhite: Sixth round. Big-time talent, but had spotty senior year.

DB Eric Brock: Seventh round. Might be a tweener.

TE Cole Bennett: Seventh round. Big guy who can run and is exceptionally intelligent.

NG Josh Thompson: Free agent. Lack of height will keep him off the big board.

WR Prechae Rodriguez: Free agent. Looks great on the hoof but had limited production at Auburn


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