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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Quentin Groves (DE), Draft 2008

Instant 49ers: Of those outside linebacker/defensive ends who only have value to 3-4 teams, how many of those guys can step in and make an immediate impact?

Kiper: "The guy who'll have the biggest impact is (Vernon) Gholston, but he'll be long gone (when the 49ers pick). After Gholston, you'd be looking at probably Cliff Avril from Purdue, you'd be looking at Bruce Davis from UCLA, Quentin Groves from Auburn. If you want another guy. Marcus Howard from Georgia could be a fourth- or fifth-round guy. I mention him for the Colts because he's the kind of guy they want.

"But I'd say for the 49ers, I'd look at Davis, Avril or Groves to kind of fit what they're looking for. . . . I wanted to give you one other guy, Curtis Johnson, a defensive end/outside linebacker from Clark in Atlanta. He is another kid who fits the mold and would be ideally suited to be that 3-4 outside linebacker."

Sack for fumble & touchdown against Kansas State

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