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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ronnie Brown: He & Wildcat Formation Rejuvinated Dolphins Season After 1-16 Disaste

Oakland Raiders Personnel Tailor-Made for a Savage Wildcat Hybrid | Bleacher Report: "In 2008, the Miami Dolphins introduced the incorporation of the Wildcat formation to the NFL—a variation on the 'single-wing' of the 1940's, and a scheme once considered to be a 'gadget-play', or only applicable at the college level.
New GM Bill Parcells and rookie coach Tony Sparano recognized the few strengths of the 1-15 team that they inherited: that being a stable of two Pro Bowl caliber running backs in Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, and decided to focus a large part of their offense to utilizing both backs simultaneously (as opposed to the increasingly popular rotating two-back systems dominating the NFL recently).
In this set, the direct snap could go to either back, who could either: run directly, hand it off to the other back, do a contrary version of play-action and misdirection, flip it to a receiver for an end-around, or option and then pass it downfield.
More often than not, Ronnie Brown took the snaps, due his being an ex-high school quarterback, and a proven, competent passer.
In so doing, the the Dolphins became a successful offense, one that was puzzling to all defensive coordinators, and made a complete 180—ending the season 11-5. Due to their success, they inspired copycats sprouting up in NFL playbooks around the league."

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