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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Draft Class 2009: Pro Day Overview, Players Present & Results

AU FOOTBALL: Former Tigers show off on Pro Day | Opelika-Auburn News: "Two distinct groups emerged at Tuesday’s Pro Day at the Auburn University practice fields.
In one corner, you had the trio of Tigers who already went through a thorough evaluation in front of hundreds of scouts and rubbed elbows with college football’s elite at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis in February.
“We was like naked everywhere we went,” cornerback Jerraud Powers said of the national combine. “It’s just a different environment (at Auburn). It was more relaxing. That’s why I was just out there having fun, trying to do my best.”
In the other corner, though, were the newbies.
“I actually threw up like two or three times before I got here,” tailback Brad Lester said.
But once the festivities were under way, it was gameday for the 15 former players.
“Coming from Jordan-Hare and seeing so many fans, you’re used to the eyes,” linebacker Chris Evans said of the 100 or so onlookers and scouts from all 32 NFL teams. “You’re just not used to the clock.”
Some players, such as Powers, Sen’Derrick Marks and Tyronne Green, came into the day knowing they will be drafted at some point the
weekend of April 25 and 26. Others, such as Tez Doolittle and Lester, have reason to believe they’ll get a call, but still need every
opportunity to impress.
And then there were players who weren’t even on the team in 2008, such as Cooper Wallace and Steve Gandy, out to give it one last shot.
“Sometimes, your body gets to a point where it needs a break,” said former linebacker Steve Gandy, who retired in 2007 after multiple concussi"

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