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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jason Campbell: Big Bama OL To Protect AU QB's Back?

The Football Expert: 2009 NFL Mock Draft - 4 Rounds: "13. Washington Redskins - Andre Smith, OT, Alabama
Andre Smith is going to fall down the draft charts, but it is going to be hard for the Skins to pass on him. The Skins have an aging OL and will take the last of the 'elite' OTs in the draft. Jon Jansen is near the end of his career, Chris Samuels is coming back from an injury. There are also questions at guard. Basically if you care about your quarterback Jason Campbell you worry about his protection and draft Smith and that is just what the 'Skins do. The Skins don't have a 2nd round pick so look for them to try to move down and get a later 1st round pick in addition to a 2nd round pick. If Smith has a poor pro day at Alabama, look for him to continue to drop."

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