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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marcus McNeil: Two-Time Pro-Bowler Key to Chargers 2008 Success

San Diego Chargers: Top-10 Elements for 2008 | Bleacher Report: "2. Marcus McNeil: When McNeil burst onto the scene as a rookie two seasons ago, he put on a dominating performance that Charger fans hadn’t seen from the tackle position in years—Vaughn Parker and Damion SacIntosh anyone?
The most encouraging thing was to see McNeil be completely schooled against Pro-Bowlers Jared Allen and Kyle Vanden Bosch in his first games against the two, and then come back and totally annihilate them the next time he faced them, in the SAME season. This goes to show you that the two-time Pro Bowler could become one of the top tackles in the game.
I was somewhat confused when A.J. Smith passed on USC tackle Winston Justice (Philadelphia Eagles) in the first round to take Antonio Cromartie, and then 'settled' on McNeil in the second round. Three Pro Bowls in a combined four seasons later, and A.J. Smith looks like a genius"

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