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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jason Campbell: Don't do it Dan, Campbell's your man

Editor note: Apologies for the bad pun :-)

Where would Favre go? Ten places he could call home - "• Washington Redskins: Is there any doubt that owner Dan Snyder isn't at least mulling this option? The Redskins have been unusually quiet in the offseason, but Snyder has no problem throwing money at aging stars. More importantly, Favre would likely be much more comfortable in the offense of new coach Jim Zorn – who served in Seattle under Mike Holmgren, the man who originally harnessed Favre's talents – than current starter Jason Campbell. The Redskins also improved a solid cast of receivers with two highly regarded rookies, Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly, in the draft. Talk about capital offenses"

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