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Friday, August 1, 2008

Jay Ratliff: May move from NT to DE for Cowboys

Dallas Morning News, Calvin Watkins' blog:

Ratliff is being moved to defensive end, for now, to give the defensive line some different looks.

Marcus Spears has practiced some as the nose guard and Tank Johnson's emergence has been a real positive to the defensive line.

Ratliff is concerned about the move because he's switched positions for a long time. In his sophomore year at Auburn, Ratliff moved from tight end to defensive end.

Then his senior season he moved from end to tackle.

In the pros, he was drafted in the seventh round to play end.

Last season, he took over for an injured Jason Ferguson and made the Cowboys give him a long-term deal with his solid play at nose tackle.

Now the team is thinking of moving him again, so it's pretty understandable where he's coming from. But when you think about it, the Cowboys are pretty much better with a rotation

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