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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stanley McClover: Cuts hair. Getting down to business w/Panthers

The Herald - Life. Captured Every Day. - Serving York, Chester, and Lancaster Counties.: "The Carolina Panthers defensive end began his offseason training by cutting off about a foot of his well-known dreadlocks before the beginning of the team's organized workouts. What was once a flowing mane now fits snugly inside his helmet, about a half-inch left from what once had fans calling him 'The Predator.'
'Since high school, I've been growing it,' McClover said Tuesday, running his hands over what used to be. 'But it's time to step up and be a man now. I'm ready to step up into this man role. Everybody in this organization knew how much my hair meant to me, and just making a big step like that, ... I mean to anybody else it's just your average haircut. But I've been having that hair since I've been in high school. It's something that really touched me and really took a lot out of me to do it.
'But I had to do it to make the statement of what I have to do this year.'
A year ago, McClover and his hair and his noise were the highlights of training camp."

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