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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sen'Derrick Marks: Could Boncos Take at #12?

Broncos Inbox -- Jan. 21 : Denver Broncos 24/7 : Rocky Mountain News: "But, in general, this is not at least in the preliminary stage considered to be that strong a draft in terms of defense with the strength being at linebacker and things a little spotty at the other positions. Again it's early and year after year people in the league always seem to get less cynical about things once the combine and the workouts come to pass.
It was interesting that among the early entries there were only two defensive tackles - Sen'Derrick Marks from Auburn and Ricky Jean-Francois from LSU. Teams that play the 3-4 will look at Marks (a 300-pounder at 6-foot-2), but the 12th pick would be high for him."

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